About Hypnotherapy

Hypnosis has been used for many years to help people make positive changes in their life.Unwanted patterns of behaviour can be changed and solutions to problems found, you have all the solutions it is just a case of getting you to find them.

viv kenchington hypnotherapy and healthSolution Focused Hypnotherapy does what it says in the title; it focuses on finding solutions. It combines the well-researched methods of Solution Focused Brief Therapy a type of psychotherapy with Clinical Hypnotherapy. This combination enables people to make significant changes in their life in a relatively short time frame.

It is not like other talking therapies we don’t delve into the past or spend time talking over past problems. The past is in the past and there is nothing we can do to change that, there are no time machines or magic wands. But what we can do is look forward, look for solutions that are best suited to you so that you tackle things in the future in a clear and confident way.

Does any of the following sound familiar? 

Have you ever watched a film or television programme and been staring at the screen but not taking in what is actually going on or been driving a familiar route and suddenly thought; “I can’t remember the last bit of the journey!” Or been exercising and got ‘in the zone’?

If you have, you have naturally experienced ‘trance’. Trance is what we use in the hypnotherapy sessions. We use trance to replicate that deeply relaxing state that you will be familiar with from the above examples. When we are in this state, the conscious and the subconscious mind come together and focus on the same thing at the same time and that is when solutions can be found for your benefit.

The aim in the sessions is for you to reach your true potential and achieve your goals in life. Solution Focused Hypnotherapy is quick and effective to bring about the changes you want, however, it needs commitment and participation from you to work, a CD will be provided for you to listen to in between sessions.

Hypnotherapy is totally natural and safe and you are in control throughout the session.

Do you live in Bath, surrounding areas or close to Atworth Wiltshire? If you are looking for hypnotherapy in Bath or hypnotherapy in Wiltshire contact me now and book in now for an initial consultation.

Hypnotherapy should never be used instead of a medical practitioner, and as I have a duty of care to you as my client in some cases I will advise that you seek medical help first or I may be required to contact your medical caregiver, this would be discussed during the initial consultation.