Skin Disorders

Skin disorders such as Eczema and Psoriasis can be aggravated by our anxiety levels and often after a stressful time sufferers can note a worsening in their affected areas.

Solution Focused Hypnotherapy helps to reduce anxiety levels and I have had clients who’s skin disorders have cleared up or been greatly reduced after a certain amount of sessions. It also helps to put in place ways in which you can help to cope with future stresses.

“I hadn’t told Viv about the Psoriasis that I had on my arms and legs when I went to see Viv to get help with general anxieties, but after 4 sessions I couldn’t believe it, it was clearing up! I always thought that my stress levels contributed to the problem and now I know this to be true as when my anxiety was reducing so did my skin condition. Thanks again Viv”  David, Bath