Anger Management

Anger was a primitive tool for us to originally protect ourselves – however now with the increasingly fast pace of life ourhypnotherapy and health bath anxiety levels can rise and we can unfortunately find ourselves feeling annoyed and snappy, angry or even rage and it doesn’t have to be over a big things it can unfortunately be over small things too. Many people suffer from anger issues from road rage to violent acts.

  • Do you suffer from a quick temper?
  • Do you find it ruling your life?
  • Does it take you by surprise, and after events you find yourself embarrassed at your reactions?
  • Do you feel that you have no control over it that you just ‘see red’?

If you do and you want to make positive changes and help with anger management, hypnotherapy might just be the therapy to help; it will focus on reducing stress and anxiety levels helping you to change these patterns of behavior.

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